Friday, November 14, 2014

Finished afghan squares

I started knitting afghan squares when I first learned to knit so that I could practice and tryout new stitch patterns.  I put the squares in a drawer and soon forgot about them. I found them recently and decided it was time to create more squares and use up all my extra yarn from my various projects over the years.

I decided to stick to the blue/green color range.   All the squares are 8x8 inches, worsted weight, and knit on US8 knitting needles.   I just started knitting different colors and patterns.  This is a pictures of all my squares after blocking.

I have learned a couple of things.
1. I got the knitting blocks at Babies R Us, it was a lot cheaper than buying them at a knitting store.  
2  I discovered that I didn't need to get down on my hands and knees to pin down the blocks which was really hard on my knees.  I could put one square on an individual block so that I could sit down while blocking and pinning.  I wish I had figured that out before I spent an hour on my hands and knees pinning.
3.  Kittens make lousy knitting companions.  They either chew the yarn, chew on the knitting needles (bamboo needles are especially problematic), or lay down in the middle of the sweater making it very difficult to knit.
This is Woodstock at 6 months.

I am going to start knitting the blocks together next week.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


I have been knitting for about 5 years now.  I started knitting right after my divorce and discovered knitting was fun, and really reduced my stress level dramatically.

This is my knitting buddy, Woodstock.  He was discovered at the bottom of a wood pile at the age of 4 weeks abandoned by his mother.  He is 3 months old now and lives with me.  He keeps me entertained, and loves yarn as much as I do, but unfortunately he would rather play with it.

My last project was a baby sweater and hat.

My next project is an afghan. I knit some squares when I first started knitting so I could learn different patterns.  Now I would like to learn how to block the squares and sew them together.    I plan to use my scrap yarn (I have quite a lot of it) to make more squares.     I will show pictures of my squares in my next post.